Second Chances

Our spring issue of The Rescuer features Ron, who has completed our Life Recovery Program for the second time. Relapses are tragically common in this world, but Ron has emerged from that deep pain and discouragement to a place of freedom.

Our God is a God of second chances, third chances … to a point where we lose count of the number of times we’ve messed up and He is there ready to take us back. I’m so thankful for that. As we approach Easter, I think about the second chance our risen Lord Jesus gave to the disciple Peter. As Jesus faced trial and crucifixion, Peter publicly denied ever knowing Him—three times. But on Resurrection morning, it was Peter running toward the empty tomb with John. And then in Chapter 21 of John’s gospel comes that beautiful moment of reconciliation at the seashore, when Jesus restores Peter.

Someone who has messed up and been given a second chance can truly appreciate that story. Some of our Life Recovery residents have been through multiple rehab programs. Some, like Ron, have even been through the Mission program more than once. But when they finally break free of addiction and pain that has dogged them their whole lives, they feel a level of gratitude to God that most Christians can only imagine.

Even when we drift from God and make a mess of our lives, He is always right there, waiting to welcome us back. This Easter, may Ron’s story serve as a powerful reminder to us all.

Partners in hope,



Sherry Pitney, CEO