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Leah’s Story 

‘Today, I have hope’

This isn’t my first time at Rockford Rescue Mission. In fact, pictures of me with my four kids are on some of the walls here. After living my whole life as one big party, and being hurt in countless ways by people I trusted, God was changing me. I was finally free.


And then I wasn’t. A couple of years after I graduated, I relapsed. I stopped doing the things that helped me get sober. I set aside church and recovery meetings. I got married and felt like that was all I needed—my children and the job and my husband and the house. I thought I was in control—that I could do a little bit of drugs here and there and nobody would know. I’d be OK. This time would be different.


And it was never, ever different.


I came back to the Mission in 2021, knowing that my relationship with God was the key to everything. 


It was humbling to say: “I can’t do this. I need help—and if I don’t get help, I don’t know if I’m going to live.”


This time, I went through the Life Recovery Program with my head on straight. I talked about things I didn’t want to talk about before. If you only get kind of honest, you’ll only get kind of sober. I learned about anger management … setting healthy boundaries … relapse scenarios. All with a steady, constant relationship with the Lord. We prayed before every class, every meal, every outing.


Now, with regaining custody of my children and working full-time at a job I love, my days are packed full. I’m humbled because this is exactly what I prayed for! I do awesome mommy things—get them ready for school, make breakfast, clip nails, clean ears … and the best part is getting to tuck them into bed at night and say their prayers with them.


I am so thankful to the Mission for giving me another opportunity to fix my life. When I am faithful to God, the things He does in my life are miraculous. In this world we will have trouble, but He tells me to relax and take heart, because He has overcome the world. Today, I have hope.

Leah’s story is featured in the current issue of The Rescuer.

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