Bringing Hope to Our Streets

For our summer issue of The Rescuer, we wanted to give you a close look at what plays out daily on our streets. If you drive around the area, you can’t miss them: Desperate people stationing themselves at most major intersections. It’s so sad, and so dangerous.

Our story takes you on a ride-along with Mike Hedrick in the Mission’s van as he seeks to point people in a better direction. Mike’s is one of those amazing stories of hope. On the morning of his 38th birthday, he woke up in his drug dealer’s van, where he had been living, And he thought: I can’t live this way anymore. He entered a recovery program that day 15 years ago, and has not used a drug or drink since.

As part of his role as Outreach Services Director, Mike meets hurting and homeless people on the streets. God changed his life, and today he seeks and serves those who look and live a lot like he once did. It has been a true joy to see his career path at the Mission unfold. It all began with touring the Mission with his pastor years ago, then serving as an intern, leading our recovery and crisis programs and now today, he is providing hope and help to precious people beyond our in-house programs.

The Mission’s ministries have always extended beyond our walls, but this takes things to a new level. We have many more things in mind for our Outreach program, all with the idea of meeting and ministering to people where they are.

Maybe you’ll see those folks at intersections a little differently after reading this. Maybe you’ll even see an opportunity for yourself as a volunteer. Regardless, I hope you—and they—see Jesus in it all.

Partners in Hope,