Fall 2022: Reminders of Danger … and Hope

As we planned our current issue of The Rescuer newsletter, we received awful news. A young man who went through our Life Recovery Program a few years ago died from a drug overdose.

We have seen several of these tragedies in recent years. They hurt, deeply. They also remind people living in addiction of the incredible danger they face.

Brian, another of our residents — whose story is featured in our fall issue of The Rescuer — came to the Mission because he didn’t want to die. Heroin, cocaine or crystal meth are dangerous enough, but today users play a deadly game of Russian roulette because dealers often lace their products with fentanyl, the opioid responsible for so many overdose deaths.

The Mission sees so many success stories—more than most addiction treatment programs, in fact—but there’s a share of heartache, too. In the wake of those, I’m so thankful for people like Brian, who are seeing their lives transformed. And I’m so glad that our programs focus on bringing people to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Those of you who support the Mission in prayer, financially and through volunteering share in that work. It helps us all remember, through our own experiences and those of loved ones, that we are not as strong as we think we are. We truly need the Lord and each other.

Partners in Hope,

Sherry Pitney, CEO

P.S. You can read Brian’s story here