Family heartaches? God knows

Welcome to the holiday season! I hope you will take joy when you read our Rescuer cover story of Candace’s ongoing healing and restoration, not just for her but for her beautiful family. She and young Carter were such a joy to us during their stay here at the Mission as Candace completed our Life Recovery Program. This promises to be a special season for them.

You may be reading this and feeling hopeless about your own family. Anger, resentment, misunderstanding and hurt can run deep. And it all feels magnified as the holidays approach. Believe me, I know. As much as we beg God to fix everything, sometimes we can pray for years and nothing seems to change. Does God even care? 

Let me assure you that the answer is YES. I don’t believe God causes bad things to happen to good people, but He does use those circumstances to make us more like Him. That’s never an easy road. But here’s something else I know about God: He sits with us in those hard times—sometimes silently, sometimes with a gentle, “I know.” It can come through His Word, through a sudden and clear thought you know isn’t your own, and often through the kindness of someone else. He provides peace when our world only seems to offer fear and anger.

May the Prince of Peace be ever-present in and through you and your family as we celebrate this special season of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Partners in Hope,

Sherry Pitney, CEO