Family Legacies Grow Through Volunteering


From our cover story in the summer issue of The Rescuer, I love how Taffey and Scott Graham’s story with the Mission goes back to Taffey’s childhood and a family connection with my father-in-law, Mission cofounder G. O. Pitney.

“If you’re in my family, then you’re connected to the Rescue Mission,” she says.

 So many families and individuals begin, and maintain, that lifelong connection with the Mission by volunteering. That includes me! When I was in high school, our church would conduct chapel services at the old Mission location on Madison Street. I was sometimes called upon to play the piano or sing for those services.

When people spend time here serving others, the Mission gets into their hearts. They get to meet some of our residents and guests and hear their stories – maybe even while telling their own. Plus: In an age when people feel increasingly disconnected from each other, volunteering offers the chance to experience community by serving together with friends, family members or maybe even others whom you’re meeting for the first time.

In 2023 alone, a total of 1,731 people volunteered with us, either at the Mission or at our Thrift Store. They were individuals, couples, families, and groups from schools, churches, clubs or workplaces. Many volunteered regularly. Together, they provided almost 19,000 hours of service to our residents, guests and staff. Or, you could think of that number this way: It was more than TWO YEARS of hours!

If you are one who has volunteered with the Mission, thank you. May I also ask you to extend an invitation to your friends and family to join you in serving? The need is huge, and without a continually growing base of volunteers, many of the ministry services we provide would just stop. To see our many opportunities, visit our Volunteer page.

Partners in hope,

Sherry Pitney, CEO