Mission Offers Solution in Helping People Who Ask for Handouts

Warmer weather, coupled with a federal court decision this year lifting a ban on panhandling,

has sent an increasing number of people to Rockford intersections soliciting donations.

Rockford Rescue Mission has created “Get Help” cards for concerned citizens to give to

people seeking help.

“These interactions can present an uncomfortable situation for kind-hearted neighbors who

want to help, but who aren’t sure whether requests for money are legitimate,” said Sherry

Pitney, Rockford Rescue Mission CEO. “We suggest handing someone a snack and a bottle of

water, and also one of our cards. The cards direct the person to the Mission, where we are

equipped to serve them well.”

The cards provide information about all the life-changing services the Mission provides —

including shelter, free and nutritious meals, spiritual guidance and educational or vocational

training classes.

Cards may be obtained in any of three ways:

Mission will gladly mail you cards.