Rockford Rescue Mission Alumnus’ Success Inspires County

Paul was kicked out of school, partied too much, and had trouble with the law.  He had tried other treatment programs, but believed the Mission’s faith-based approach might be different.

“The Mission helped me tremendously as far as pointing me in the right direction.  I’m a firm believer God brought me to where I am today, and the Mission was part of His plan.”

After being in and out of jail multiple times, Paul was able to take advantage of the Winnebago County Therapeutic Intervention Program (TIP) in 2016 whereby non-violent offenders like Paul could acquire life skills rather than remain behind bars.  It was thanks to this program that Paul was able to join the Rockford Rescue Mission and participate in the ‘Men’s Life Recovery Program.’

Now the county is hoping to implement a similar system for violent offenders in hopes of reducing recidivism rates through what they are terming ‘Partnerships and Strategies to Reduce Violence Crime.

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