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Nettie’s is a coming together of Rockford Rescue Mission’s Remade Store and Restoration Café, in the former café’s location at 625 West State St. The name Nettie was chosen to honor the mother of Rockford Rescue Mission’s co-founder and Executive Director, Rev. G.O. Pitney.


Nettie’s Mercantile offers a delectable coffee shop, unique shopping and so much more. Where else can you savor a cup of coffee, find a gift … and change a life? Most of the furniture and décor is created or repurposed by individuals rebuilding their lives through our Life Recovery programs along with Mission staff and volunteers.


After people shop us once, they tend to come back with their friends and relatives. With new and unique items added daily, Nettie’s is never the same store twice.


“By having a single destination location, we’re combining the best of both outlets into one unbelievable experience,” says CEO Sherry Pitney. “We are always seeking ways to best serve God – and our community – while honoring our past. This is an exciting way to do that, and we invite our friends and partners to visit Nettie’s soon!”


Best of all, when you shop at Nettie’s you directly benefit Rockford Rescue Mission and the men, women and children we minister to each day. All Nettie’s proceeds support Mission programs. Our residents are so encouraged and inspired to know that something they’ve made is being used in your home décor and gift-giving. Supporting Nettie’s is a special way to show your care for our community and to extend the love of Christ to all.

Custom orders

Nettie’s can customize items — from hand-painted signs to choosing the exact color you want in a piece made by our Life Recovery men and women. Or, maybe you have a piece of furniture or decor that needs a facelift. At Nettie’s, we can bring the piece to life again by painting and personalizing it. Tell us your idea and we can work with you on it!

To inquire about custom ordering, please email Mary DeHaan:


Nettie Golden White Pitney (1900-1985)


Nettie is a big reason why Rockford Rescue Mission exists, because she was the mother of Mission pioneer Gerald Pitney. She married Leonard Pitney and settled on a farm in Higbee, Missouri, where she found great fulfillment as a wife, mother and homemaker. Nettie especially enjoyed cooking and baking, with apricot cobbler being her specialty dessert.


Nettie served as a Sunday School teacher and church pianist and influenced her children to love music — but more importantly, to love God. She had a heart for missions and ministry; the couple even donated a portion of their land to the Mt. Zion Baptist Association for a campground, where she could often be found cooking for the campers.


Nettie had a quiet, humble spirit and would surely question why anyone in Rockford, Illinois, would make a fuss about her. But she would love that her legacy includes creatively extending the hope of Christ to people who are hurting and in need of His love.

Nettie’s Location:

625 West State St.
Rockford, IL 61102

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