Blessed for Generations!

“My kids have all been inspired and changed by the miracle God did in my life,” says Carol Molinari, a graduate of Rockford Rescue Mission’s Women’s Life Recovery Program, who now holds an accounting position at a downtown Chicago hotel. She shares her moving story of addiction and transformation in a video you can view online at

Today she and her four children don’t dwell on the heartaches of the past. Instead they embrace the blessings born of their shared experience. “I often tell people who are part of the Mission or donating or volunteering that you’re not just touching the life of the one who walks through that door,” Carol says. “You’re also impacting the loved ones around them, and so many lives are changed for eternity. We’ve found that to be true for our own family.”

Carol says her eight-year battle with drug abuse, which cost her everything she loved and nearly ended her life, robbed her children of their childhood. “They each took on different roles and pretty much became the parent. They had to go through the difficult survival techniques most children of alcoholics and addicts go through. My prayer was that through my recovery I could be an encouragement to them to live an authentic Christian life—to be open and transparent—and I’ve seen that in all my kids.”

Her oldest son, Mark, who works at a different hotel just blocks away, believes his siblings share his positive perspective on the struggles his family endured. “In obvious ways, it was hard. But now all I think about is that my mom is healthy and a really amazing Christian example,” he says. And while Carol describes Mark as the most light-hearted of the family, she was still surprised and pleased when he announced he wanted to do something to give back to Rockford Rescue Mission. First, he decided to take gifts to the children at the Women’s Crisis Center on Christmas morning . . . then he announced he was going to run a marathon to raise funds. “I’d never done that before and when I needed something to get me through those later miles, I thought about how amazing it was to get to do that to honor my mom and for the Mission, which is such an amazing place.”

These days Mark and his siblings are closer to their mom than ever. “All of us have moved here to Chicago, and I think it was to be attributed to going through tough times together,” Mark says. And Carol concurs: “Some of the bond the children share has come from the fact that they had to really stick together and now that’s something to celebrate. The impact of recovery is that these kids are there for each other, which is a testimony to God’s work: One life drawn to our Savior and one life healed will impact generations to come.”

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