‘For my healing and my future’


Meet Jenae. She is 29 years old and first came to Rockford about six years ago when she was fleeing domestic violence.

“I had been with him for five years,” she says. “It finally came to the point I was scared for my life. He broke into my home and attacked me. I knew I needed to get away. I was so alone, scared and hopeless.”

Jenae’s life had been spiraling out of control. As the violence intensified, her drinking increased.

“I stayed in the Women’s Crisis Center in 2017. I just didn’t know how to admit I was addicted. I didn’t know how to ask for anymore help.”

Jenae received housing after working with our Guest Advocates, but quickly realized she would be homeless again if she didn’t address her addiction. She decided to enter our long-term Life Recovery Program in 2019.

“All I was thinking about that first day was letting go,” she says. “I had to stop thinking about the dishes, the garbage and everything at home. I didn’t want to be homeless. I don’t want to lose my kids forever. I knew I had to make a sacrifice for my healing and my future.”

When Jenae first entered the Women’s Life Recovery program, she felt like it was too good to be true. Now she has been with us for almost a year and says she feels “hopeful, secure and I have positive self-esteem again. I have been re-introduced to God. He has been with me the whole time, I just didn’t know. The staff helped me look into myself for what God has for me daily and help me stay present.”

“When COVID hit, I had just staged up and had just started to look for a sponsor. I obviously have been able to find one (yet, because of COVID-19) but that’s OK. God is helping me in this step of obedience. I am daily having the willpower to stand still and let Him bring me blessing instead of chasing them. I look up and choose to trust and have patience in my program.”

Jenae asks for prayer in her continued walk of faith as she daily learns about herself. She asks for prayer as a mother and for her four children.

“I want to be the best, clean, mother I can for my children.”