“It’s got to be God first!”

It was while in our Life Recovery Program that John began to understand the root cause of the anxiety and depression he’d struggled with for years – and that had consumed most of his adult life…

“My parents fighting… hearing the screaming at night… never knowing if someone was going to be hurt,” he explains, “or who’s going to be taken away.” 

As he grew older, he was driven to alcohol as a way to cope with the memories of his violent childhood. Then his addiction spiraled out of control when he was prescribed a pain medication for a workplace injury. He and his wife divorced and he lost his job. After spending all of his savings, “I was pretty much homeless,” he says.

When he learned about the faith-based program here at Rockford Rescue Mission – and our understanding of the challenges faced by those impacted by domestic violence – he knew it was the blessing he needed to rekindle his relationship with the Lord and get his life back on track. Today he is learning to put God first.

“He’s the only one who can guide me in the right direction,” he says.

Through vocational training in our Restoration Cafe, John honed the workplace essentials of responsibility and accountability. As he transitioned from the program, he was offered a job at Bergstrom, a dedicated business partner in the Mission’s Works! Center.

Today, free of addiction and deep-rooted despair, he looks forward to taking his place as an independent and productive member of his community and strengthening his relationship with his loved ones who, despite many hardships, have continued to support him.

To Mission friends and partners who have made his transformation possible, John offers these words of gratitude: “Your support gives a person an opportunity to better themselves, to get away from their addiction and to bring Christ into their lives.”

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