I had no purpose in life!

“I had no purpose in life!”

“I had issues I had never taken care of, never addressed—issues that started when I was a kid,” says Mark, a graduate of our Men’s Life Recovery Program. Now in his mid-50s, he believes the abuse he endured as a child prevented him from building a meaningful life.

“I took the blame for things that adults did to me,” he explains, and he bottled his emotions up inside. Eventually he turned to alcohol to numb his despair. “At times I drank too much. Way too much,” he admits.

Over the years, his growing anguish destroyed his self-esteem: “I never allowed myself to grow and mature.”

It prevented lasting relationships: “I didn’t believe I could ever find anyone who would put up with me.”

And it stifled his motivation: “I drank up and dismissed any advancement I was offered. I never thought I was able enough.”

When a caring coworker could no longer bear to see Mark suffer, he suggested Mark get help at Rockford Rescue Mission.

Mark joined our Men’s Life Recovery Program, and through the guidance of our staff and the tenets of our Genesis Process, his heart began to heal. “I was able to forgive those people who hurt me as a kid . . . and then forgive myself,” he says.

And he set new priorities that put his life in order: “God first, others next, myself last.”

In the final phase of the program, Mark began putting those priorities into action. And he believes the new sense of self-confidence he displays helped him secure a good job at the Rockford Register Star, where he was recently promoted to district manager.

Today, Mark vividly remembers the June 6 graduation ceremony where he acknowledged what God, the Mission and friends like you have done for him. “I felt honored to tell everyone how grateful I am that God put me at the Mission,” he says.

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