For Sarah, one moment changed everything

For Sarah, one moment changed everything

Sarah had been sober for nearly 5 years. She was a hard-working registered nurse and single mom to a 10-year-old daughter and 1-year-old son.

It was a simple moment that led to her relapse.

She was picking up a pizza when the cashier offered her a bottle of wine for the holidays. “In a split second, I rationalized drinking it,” Sarah remembers. “And it was in my hands.”

“Nobody knew I was drinking every day.”

Then, she reconnected with her son’s father – who was actively using crack and heroin. “We ended up using together,” Sarah says. “I wasn’t a heroin user, but I decided to try it.”

Sarah overdosed – and it was her daughter and a family friend who found Sarah on the bathroom floor, unconscious, and rushed her to the hospital.

Waking up in the hospital after 3 days on a ventilator, Sarah learned she’d overdosed on heroin.

“I needed more than a 30-day program.”

A counselor from church recommended our Women’s Life Recovery Program, a residential program to help women struggling with drugs and alcohol through classes, counseling and lots of love and support.

“I’ve always lived in Rockford,” she says. “But I thought the Mission just fed the homeless.”

Sarah knew our program was just what she needed – especially because she could live here with her kids. “Having my children stay with me was such a blessing.”

From the moment Sarah walked into the Mission, she sensed the love around her. “I was scared…but I also felt everything would be okay.”

“God used my overdose to bring me back to Him.”

Sarah quickly saw how God began to transform her. “God’s always been part of my life…when I relapsed, I forgot who had given me all the blessings in my life – my kids, my nursing job, my home.”

Today, Sarah is rebuilding her relationships – and her children are happy, too. “There are always activities for my kids,” she says. “They’re so loved by all the women and the staff – it’s like they have 18 other moms here!”

Sarah now looks forward to a future filled with hope. “I plan to return to hospice nursing, find a home, get my kids into a safe school…and make sure they can always depend on me.”

“The Mission saved my life,” she says through grateful tears. “I really don’t know where I would be right now if they hadn’t had a place for me and my kids.”

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