Twylla Wants to Thank You


“I’m grateful that I’ve learned to trust God.”

Twylla was familiar with the success of our Life Recovery Program. She’d heard about it many times from women she’d met throughout her 33- year battle with alcohol abuse. “One of these days, that’s what I’m going to have to do,” she often told herself, but with little conviction. Finally, however, that day came… when her addiction threatened her life.

After drinking all day, she suffered a seizure and nearly died. At the hospital, her daughters rallied around her. When she was stable enough to return home, they encouraged her to go to the Mission instead. “Their intervention saved my life,” she says.

In our care, we helped her overcome the sense of isolation and insecurity she’d experienced since childhood. “I wasn’t raised by my parents, so I thought God didn’t love me,” she recalls. “I walked through life feeling totally alone.”

Through Bible studies and faith-based classes, she learned about God’s unconditional love, which is helping her heal from the wounds of her past. And she’s surrounded by staff and sisters in Christ who affirm her self-worth as a child of God. “Besides learning and growing and tackling my fears, I always have arms that are hugging me, whether they’re tangible or spiritual,” she says.

“The fact that God loves me, that He sent Jesus to save me from my sins, that is the most awesome gift I could ever have gotten from anyone.”

After graduating from our program in September 2019, Twylla moved into Mission transitional housing and is working a full-time job she loves. Through a contact she met at the Mission, she was hired as the kitchen manager at the Hampton Inn. She also hopes to return to NIU to complete her degree in music theory – a goal she gave up on when addiction ruled her life – and she is rekindling her passion for playing the steel drums.

Most important, she continues to strengthen her walk with the Lord. “I go to Bible study, I go to church and I surround myself with positive people.”

As for what her future holds, Twylla says with confidence, “I’m praying on it and trusting God. That’s all I do, and it feels good not to have to worry.”

Today, because of your generosity, Twylla’s heart is filled with Thanksgiving! “I’m grateful that I’ve learned to trust God, because then I don’t have to feel alone.”

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